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"Chunks was paralyzed"

Chunks owner was out in the morning playing fetch with a happy healthy dog. He threw the ball and Chunks went running after it when suddenly Chunks yelped loudly and didn’t return. His owner went to find out what happened and found Chunks lying down unable to move his back legs. He brought Chunks to us concerned with what he was going to be able to. He was unemployed due to the a poor economy and barely had $100 to put towards medical expenses. After a medical examination it was discovered that Chunks had blown a disk in his back. His owner was prepared to have to put him down due to his lack of funds. Tails of Woe was able to make it so that he was able to elect to get Chucks medical treatment. After two weeks of hospitalization for intensive physical therapy Chunks was able to return to his owner with regained use of his rear legs. Chunks is once again a happy dog and has made a nearly complete recovery with only a slight slippage on one of his rear legs.